Thursday, December 23, 2010

Photo Entry: On Cloud Nine!

So before I post my Billy Elliott Review, I am going to post my entry in a photo contest, from Pastor Girl's Ponderings.  I am very excited to share this photo with you, and she will very likely be featured in an upcoming issue of my Monday Featured Blog because I love her blog and her contests!

So here is my entry:

I chose this one because it means a lot to me.  It also tells a significant amount of information about who I am.  This was taken in Venice, Italy, by your truly.  On a very basic level it shows how much I love the place where it was shot in.  But it also means a lot to me because of the fact that when you look at it, you see the simple life of the Venetians.  It shows how they live everyday life being green.  Now don't get my wrong, I am not all gunge ho, LETS GO GREEN, SAVE THE PLANET!  I think it important to use less energy but you can really see the wonderful simplistic design in the way that they live their life.  Lastly, it reminds me of Christmas, because our trip to Italy was a Christmas present that we got two years ago. 

Sp please check out Carlotta's blog!  And check out all of the other entries too!

Just Me,


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quick Post

So as I'm getting ready to go to Billy Elliott I took a little break and I checked out a few blogs! So many blogs out there have photo contests! I really would just LOVE to do one sometime, but I am just not sure which ones are legit, cool, fun, and competitive photo "competitions". I would love it if you, bloggies, could formspring, email, or comment down below your favorite photo competitions! It would be an awesome thing to do to help me get my work out there! Thanks in advanced for the help!

Just Me,


Monday, December 20, 2010

Plans for the Future a.k.a. Tomorrow

So tomorrow I get to use one of my Birthday presents and go see Billy Elliott playing live at the Orpheum.  I am so excited you can't even put it into words!  I know everything about the musical, inside and out, pretty much nothing about the musical, but I am so phsyched to see it!  What I know it that there is a young boy who wants to be a ballet sancer, but his father wants him to work in the coal mines?  Does that sound right?  I think that that is all I know, but I am so happy!  I am going with my mom, and my friend Adam. 

Here are some photos of the show!

Tomorrow (most likely Wednesday) I will give you my review and reccomend a couple of songs for you, does that sound good? 
On a side note, please do me a favor, will you?  Take my blog button and tag it in a post, or put it on your side bar!  I am going to start something where weekly I am going to take another blogger's button on a Monday!  It will be a little something at the end of my post explaining why I love their blog!

I really love Defying Reality by Lucy Scherschligt!  It is a great blog by a local (at least to me) and she has inspired in in many ways.  She has a very well written blog with wonderful photos and catchy, intriguing choices in her weekly ways.  She is great at what she does, but to be honest, she really does not post enough!  I engourage you to comment on my blog or hers what you really think of her!  She is a great supporter of my blog (sometimes I think she is the only one who reads it,) and it really means a lot to me!  Thanks, Lucy!

Just Me,

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Tree Bokeh

As an aspiring photographer, I took my mother's camera and decided to do some Christmas Tree Bokeh.  Don't worry, I am not done, but here are my first few attempts.  They aren't that great, but I would love some feedback on them if you may.... Formspring, email, or comment down below!  I would love to hear some comments from anyone!  All of the photo's are 100% natural 100% me and 100% un-edited!  Also, I will be making a blog button and unleashing a new segment to Just Me, Jack in the next few days :)

okay.... so I know this one and the next aren't really bokeh, but I accidentally did this and I sort of like it :)

Attend the Tale of Sweeney Todd....

Ladies and Gentlemen.... May I have your attention per-LEASE!

The cast list for Blue Water Theatre's production of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is up on it's website right here!

I got the part of Tobias Ragg and I am so excited!  This cast is so good and talented.

Well I just wanted to update you!

Just Me,

Tobi (I mean....) Jack

Friday, December 17, 2010

7 Things

This is my 7 Things (no, it has nothing to do with Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus or any of her other creepy friends....)

I was tagged in Lucy Scherschligt's Blog so I would finally post something for one!  And I am telling the truth when I say there are some posts in my draft box but I don't thing that they are good enough to actually post yet.  And I am having so much trouble finding time to photograph, but tonight I am having a photo shoot, baby!  We'll see what comes out of this!  I really am quite excited being that it's just me and my brother :)

     So.... Here are my seven things!


1. I have a big obsession with the number 4.  It's kind of ridiculous.  Oh.... and I hate the number three.  Notice how the stars above ^^^^ are 4, and I do 4 dots when I write.  Its a weird thing....

2. I just love chocolate covered pretzels.  I love them so much.  They are the perfect combination of salty and chocolaty with a smooth crunch.... yummy!

3. I love my mom's Nikon D3000!  I love to shoot with my mom's camera!  It is so nice and perfect!

4. The two shoes that I am auditioning for!  I just auditioned for the part of Tobias Ragg in Sweeney Todd, and I am auditioning for the part of Charlie Brown in You're A Good Man Charlie Brown this January!  I will be sure to update you on how I do!

5. Christmas Tree Bokeh.  I just love Christmas Tree Bokeh, and I am so excited to take some here tonight! 

6. This may not be a thing you didn't know, but I am so excited to go to Ragstock with my friend Olivia tomorrow!  I have never been there and I am so psyched!

7. I am obsessed with Ho Ho Mint Mocha's from Caribou Coffee!  They are my little sip of heaven whenever I get to have them!

Well, this kind of turned out to be more of an obsessions thing, but whatever!  Hopefully I'll post a few more times this weekend!

Just Me,

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Well Hello There!

Wow.... So I took Lucy Scherschligt's lead and didn't use my blog for a while because of the fact that I was too overwhelmed with school, end of terms, and high school musicals!  It has been a really long couple weeks.  But here is the the run-down of my life recently...

1) Mame opened last night and it was a major success! 
2) Cinderella opens in 3 weeks
3) A Honor Roll quarter 1
4) It's snowing
5) I want to take pictures

Well....I'm going to Caribou with my friend Lia and Mary and I'll take some pics maybe?  And post Mame pics!

Come see it!

November 19 & 20 7:30 and November 21

Tomorrow: "What's Coming up on Just Me, Jack"

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Contest Entry

So I was looking at Pastor's Girl's Ponderings a blog by the amazing photographer, Carlotta, and noticed she was having a photo contest (fun idea, one I hope to incorporate in my blog soon... look out!) and the theme was color.  I decided to re-vamp a photo that I have edited and put on my blog before, but I want to do it again!  I vamped it up a little, but not much, because I love this photo natural.  So here is my entry, Carlotta!!

In this photo: Charlie Ellis
Taken By: Jack Ellis
Location: Tuscany, Italy

Just Me,

Sunday, October 24, 2010

MEA is over... not!

As I sit here typing out this message to everyone, I ponder a little while, and wonder what you have done that day.  Most people, today, will be doing homework, being that they have school tomorrow. BUT NOT ME!!  I love the fact that Orono has so school on Monday and Tuesday during MEA.  I am doing absolutely nothing tomorrow and Tuesday and I am so excited you don't even know.
     Well today was the Haunted House at Wayzata Country Club and it was pretty much awesome.  There were some little bratty kids, and this one kid who would go through again, and again and again and never got scared.
     Well... I don't know what to post.

Just Me,

Friday, October 22, 2010

New Blog Design!!

I would like to express my thanks to Lucy Scherschligt for making the design of my blog!!! Isn't it great?!!?!? Please leave comments and/or formspring me your thoughts on my new design and layout!  Also, make sure you say "great job" to Lucy!  And check out her wonderful blog, xxLucyLove here!

Hope you enjoy the new looks to my blog :)

Just Me, (with a little help from Lucy)

Costumes, and Ideas!

So today I am really excited!  I am going to Theatrical Costume Company to look at costumes :)  Costumes can be the most exciting part of a play and/or musical and this is my first time actually going to the company!  Although, when we took 40+ theatre kids and brought them to a thrift store and had them pick out costumes THAT was pretty fun and memorable too!  I can't wait to go today!  I am planning on trying on stuff for my part of Patrick Dennis in Mame!  I also am looking at stuff for Cinderella!  I plan on posting pictures of my wonderful day later today!  But here is my question.... I would really like to add one-two more segments on my blog.  I have seen ideas on other people's blog (i.e. Lucy Scherschligt...) and much more, but I really want to come up with something that I know people will really enjoy!  I really am loving blogging and I know that some of you like what I post, so please help me out with this one!  I know that if I get a segment idea from one of you, then I will definitely have at LEAST one person who likes it!!!

So start brainstorming, bloggies!  Also, please look at my last "WANTED:"post for a new website designer!

Just Me,

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Delivery: Sentimental Man

Okay... so I did this little quiz/poll/game thingy and here are the results!  I did it twice just for fun!


Gaston – Beauty and the Beast    *Pretty much the truth right there
 The Man in the Moon - Mame    


Take In – Aidan Hawken         *?
 Be Our Guest – Beauty and the Beast     


It’s Never Too Late to Fall In Love – The Boy Friend   *I think it's telling me that tonight i'll fall in love
 Tonight – Westside Story


Illona – She Loves Me     * ANNIE :)
 How to Succeed in a Business without Really Trying – How2        *i want to succeed i the business of annie?

Everyone Looks Different
 My Defenses are Down


Anything Goes – Anything Goes
 For Now – Avenue Q       *SSAAAAADDD!!!


I can hear the bells 
 What Can I Say (2006 version) – Brandie Carlile     *Thats so frickn true


Ah, Miss – Sweeney Todd 
 The Book Report              *sadly, but surely


You’re the One That I Want - Grease      *WTF?!?!
 We Go Together - Grease                    *Again, WTF?!?!?!


Human Again – Beauty and the Beast
 The Music That Makes Me Dance – Funny Girl     *i think its the music that makes me sing


Happiness – You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown        *:)
 Without Love - Hairspray        *:(       i dont wanna be happy without love. thats not happy


No Good Deed - Wicked    *maybe....
 The Say it’s Wonderful – Annie Get Your Gun (BWT)   *there is some truth to that


Hopelessly Devoted To You - Grease     *hahaha
 Accident Waiting to Happen – The Drowsy Chaperone      *THATS FRICKEN FUNNY


Hero’s Song – Brendan James    *you know it
 Guys and Dolls – Guys and Dolls


She Is Love - Parachute
 A Real Nice Clam Bake - Carousel   * it knows Im a fatty :)


Can’t Fight this Feeling – Glee Cast   * like both of these
 The 40th Century – the Hereafter


Rosie – Bye Bye Birdie
 The New Girl In Town - Hairspray   *:)


Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again – Phantom of the Opera
 Wide Open Spaces - Curtains    *i wish you were here in widde open spaces


One Hand, One Heart – West Side Story
 Nothing Ever Hurt Like You – James Morrison    *maybe its true....

 A Sentimental Man - Wicked
Delivery – Jim Gafaghan!!


To to this on your own...
go to your iPod and put it on shuffle and for every song answer the next question with the title! its really funny!!!

Just Me,

P.S. sorry for the horrible formatting 

Wanted: Designer

Hey, Bloggies!

So I know that the majority of you that are reading my blog have a blog of your own, or are quite tech savvy, so I was hoping that one (or more) of you wanted to help me give my blog a face-lift, makeover, style change... okay I'll stop.  I have some criteria that I would like, like I would like to make the spot where the text appears larger, but other than that, I am pretty open to ANYTHING!  I would love it if you guys wanted to help, and/or give some ideas and tips!

contact me via email: here!
or via formspring: here!
or text me!!!

Just Me,

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weekly Obsessions

So... I'm gonna totaly cheat someone out here and steal Lucy Scherschligt's Blog and do a little something that is called Weekly Obsessions!  Now, I would love to have this come on Sunday's (mos tlikely day) but it really depends and will make a difference depending on what kind of mood I am, and how busy I am!!  I will do 4-8 things that are either appearing a lot in my life, or I just LOOVE!  Okay... so let's see how this goes!


Creeping on Formspring

Yeah... I'm one of those people that creep on Formspring.... I follow only a few people, but if you are seeing my blog, you can almost guarantee that I have looked at your formspring.  I actually have met some new friends that, without formspring, I probably wouldn't have talked to!  But Formspring does have a lot of bullying, which can be a huge negative.


I love Social Studies, and part of that reason is debating!  I love arguing, big vocabulary, proving someone wrong, thinking on the spot, improv, strong opening statements, fierce closing remarks, and snappy rebuttals! n I love it all!  We recently had a debate in my Geography class on the Burqa Ban in Europe!  I got so into it, and it was so exciting!  I hope we can do more in the future.  Oh, and by the way... MY TEAM WON!!!



I love Skype so much!  It's the modern-day instant messaging, but it also feels so much more personable when you video chat!  I love being just a few clicks away from distant friends, family members, and relatives.  I use skype to keep in touch with friends from different schools, and it helps so much with school projects, reports, and homework!  If you weren't aware of this, if you "right-click" on the screen, you can Share Your Screen, and it helps for projects, and reports!


Silly bandz

I love these little guys!  They are so cool!  I bought a few packs of the cheapy generic kind, and trade ands stuff with my friends!  I think they are a great think for kids to do.  You can express your individuality by wearing different ones!  I do think, however that there is a limit on how many silly bandz one should wear.  The kind in the picture above has way too many, in my opinion.  I don't like it when there are more than 10.  Especially those kids who make them into necklaces with strings.  It's like "get a life, kid".


I started out not really liking the music or the script or really, anything, in Mame.  I really have come to enjoy this Broadway classic.  I love the characters, the music, and the aura of the show!  The sweetness of Patrick, the free-wheeling energy of Mame, the deepness of Vera, and the accents of Ito!  I look forward to rehearsal everyday to see that comes next in the life of Mame Dennis.

So that was kind of fun!  I think I like these Weekly Obsessions, and hopefully will continue to do them!  Well I would love some feedback and/or some formspring! Have a good MEA!!

Just Me,


Wednesday, October 13, 2010



     Today was not the best day.  At all.  I knew at the beginning of the day it was going to be bad, yet, for some reason I kept convincing myself it wouldn't be. 
     I was accepted to be a member of the American Choral Director Association's State Honor Choir.  So, I was really excited!  It is an honor to be apart of.  Then my choir teacher told me that it was on the same day as one of the performances of my show "Mame".  She assured me that she had already worked it out with my choir director, and that it would be alright. 
     I then went to "Mame" rehearsal and I talked to the Music Director and she said that we should look at the schedule for the ACDA Choir.  WE then realized that it would barely be possible, and quite a risk, to be there for the performance of the Choir and of "Mame". 
     I now can't do the Choir because of "Mame" and I'm really quite disappointed.  I really wish I could, but apparently it's not meant to be, so I'll have to just live with it.

     Okay... so here's another really sad story.  Today we got back our really big test in English.  I am new to Enriched English, so the test was really hard, and we covered the material in very little time.  And it was grammar.  I'm not the best at grammar, but I had gone in early to get help on multiple occasions and my teacher had told me that she really thought I would do well and that I was going to be fine!
     So I go up to get the test today (right behind a guy named Jackson) and see my test, so I initially look at the score and see 48/50!  I was SIKED!  I didn't expect to do THAT well.  Little did I know, it was Jackson's paper.  I gave it to him and said "good job", and then went to look at my test.  I saw it sitting there with a 39/50 score.  I was pissed.  It pretty much made me wanna puke the whole day.  It was my first C (or lower) all year, and I was just devastated.

Okay... So enough negativity.  I'll post again today or tomorrow!

Just Me,

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wanted: ARTISTS!!

Hey, All!!
I need an artist!  Not just any artist, one who is particularly good at drawing cartoons, who could draw me 8-10 cartoons in a (5/5ish) area that I could trace over for my English project!  Being that I am a really... I mean REALLY bad artist, I need help with this!  I would give you the main view of what I need in each box, and leave the details up to you!  It would be pretty straight forward, and easy!  The one who responds first to my message (via formspring, twitter, texting, email, skype, or a nice hand-written sentiment written on personal stationary) will get to do it, and win a $5 gift card to Caribou!!! Awesome, right?  Details will be emailed to you, if you can draw me some good pictures!  Please please please please respond a.s.a.p.
And also, I do have permission to trace someone else's drawings from my teacher!!

Just Me,

10 Years

     When you think about it, 5 years isn't a very long time.  Neither is 10 years, but a lot can happen in that amount of time.  Graduate high school, go to college, get first job, get married, have a child... All in the little time of 10 years.

     In five years, I will be nineteen years old.  Here are my goals for these years:
  • Graduate High School
  • Have a high GPA
  • Get straight A's
  • Go to a good college (NYU)
  • Triple major (I know, wishful thinking) in theatre, journalism, and business.
     In ten years, I will be twenty-three years old.  Here are my goals for these years:
  • Graduate from College
  • Be an actor for a short time
  • Be in a steady relationship, or engaged
  • Proceeding acting, open a business, be on the managing end of a business, or go into journalism

     I have very high expectations for myself, but these are the things that shape up one's life.  I would love to travel Europe when I have completed college, and do other things in my life, but these are the foundations of life that are important to me.

Other "Goal" posts will be coming.

I'll have 1-2 more posts today!

Just Me,


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hello? Anybody home?

Hello there, bloggies.

I'm mad.  You make Jack mad, and you have trouble coming for you.

I have heard of multiple people (i.e. Renae, Kasey... you know who you are!!!)  Who have looked at my blog and haven't followed.  Are you that lazy?  Really?  One click of a button and you can follow it!  It gives me personal satisfaction, and a little bit of knowledge.  FOLLOW IT!!!  Make my day.  Be a follower.  (good slogan, eh?)

Speaking of following, I have just created a formspring.  I'm not 100% sure that I like the idea but I'm giving it a shot.  Please be nice, respectful, and don't hurt my feeling, or I WILL CRUSH YOU!

The name is:

Awesome! Well, check it out!  First one to ask me a legit question wins a proze!  Also, if I don't know you, and you ask a nice question and/or leave a creeper formspring message I APPROVE!!!  And I will like you.  End of story.

Do it.
And follow.
Or I will cry.
Don't make that happen.

Just me,

Monday, October 4, 2010




I think it is well beyond a miracle that I just said that.  Happy Monday is not something I say on a weekly, or even monthly basis.  And coming off of a night like I had, one wouldn't expect me to say that either.  Okay... but here's the deal!  I had ANOTHER great day and I just have to share! 

*drift into dream sequence*
     So I was sitting all alone and rather odd looking, the only boy in my choir class who doesn't find choir as a good form of "goof off" time or "make the teacher hate me as much as possible" class.  I was just acing another stupid sight singing song as my old choir teacher (whom I adore quite much) walked in and said "I need Jack Ellis".  I was exteremely nervous!  I recently tried for the Minnesota All State Boys Honor Choir Grade 7-8.  I was expecting it to be news about that, but the audition tapes were due only this Friday and that seemed like quite a short time for people to make up their mind on particaipants for the choir. 
     She takes me to one of the band's practice rooms and tells me that she has come to do a "mini-audition" for the high school's musical.  I have researched the musical, and contacted the director about a month ago, and didn't get much back, so I blocked it out of my mind completely.  She was going to have me sing the song "My Best Girl".  For most of you, you do not know about this musical, so here is a brief synopsis given to you by

The madcap life of eccentric Mame Dennis and her bohemian, intellectual arty clique is disrupted when her deceased brother's 10-year-old son Patrick is entrusted to her care. Rather than bow to convention, Mame introduces the boy to her free-wheeling lifestyle, instilling in him her favorite credo, "Life is a banquet, and most poor sons-of-bitches are starving to death." Also figuring in the story line are Mame's personal secretary and nanny-in-law, Agnes Gooch; her "bosom buddy" Vera Charles, the baritone actress and world's greatest lush; and Dwight Babcock, the stuffy and officious executor of Patrick's father's estate. Mame loses her fortune in the Wall Street Crash of 1929 and tries her hand at a number of jobs, with comically disastrous results, but perseveres with good humor and an irrepressible sense of style.
Mame eventually meets and marries Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside, a Southern aristocrat with a Georgia plantation called Peckerwood. The trustees of Mame's late brother (Patrick's father) force Mame to send Patrick off to boarding school (the fictional St Boniface, in Massachusetts), and Mame and Beau travel the world on an endless honeymoon that finally ends when Beau falls to his death while mountain climbing. Mame returns home a wealthy widow to discover that Patrick has become a priggish snob engaged to an equally priggish debutante, Gloria Upson, from a bigoted family. Mame brings Patrick to his senses just in time to introduce him to the woman who eventually will become his wife. As the story ends, Mame is preparing to take Patrick's young son Peter to India (Siberia in the 1974 film version) with her usual flair.

If you haven't infered, I auditioned for "Young Patrick Denning"

Okay!  For those of you who don't know, I have a REALLY bad cold!  I can't talk normally, can't sing high notes (mahh specialty) and look horrible.  Here was an actual quote by someone today regarding my appearance.

"Jack... You look like death today!  What's wrong?"

Yeah... that's what I thought.  She basically told me that she knew my capabilities and told me I would be getting an email from her tonight!  I am sitting by my computer waiting... minute by minute... for her to email me!  I'm not 100% sure I got it, but the vibe she was giving me gave me the yes perception.  We'll see, and I'll keep you posted!

Other good things that happened today were abundant!
  • Taco night at the Ellis Household... my favorite!!
  • Brownies.  'Nough said.
  • First time playing COD... wasn't too bad...
  • I got a 92% on a big project
  • Didn't die in school!
  • And project "Juicy" is well off and sprinting for the finish line!!!

I will have a post later tonight (hopefully) about Autumn.

Just Me,

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Just a Lazy Sunday...

Most people have "Lazy Sunday's" but with rehearsal from 9-4 I can't really bear to call them "lazy".  But today I'm doing absolutely nothing.... eating doughnuts looking at photography, going to color a few maps.... Who knows?  Hopefully someone will just call me up and want to hang but I just don't know!
     I just got bored this morning, and thought of a few ideas on how I can edit some of my photography that I found from our trip to Italy in Summer 2009!  Here are a few pictures!

Here is a photo of my little brother at breakfast right outside of the Villa we stayed in.  It had a patio with a roof and an oven outside.  I prepared breakfast and we all enjoyed it in the comfort of our own little Villa in the hills of Tuscany, Italia.

I took this photo of a few wine glasses on our dining room table of our Villa looking out into the mountain-side.  I thought it was a very picturesque view, the cliche "Evening in Italia". 
*This photo was not edited, other than the text.

This photo was right down the road from my Great Aunt and Uncle's apartment in Venice Italia.  I took this photo around 10 AM in the morning, and the water was perfectly clear.  I edited the coloring and changed the vibrancy of the photo.

AS with many of the photos that turned out well, this photo was not edited, and was taken while just walking around the great city of Venice.  Completely natural. 

Italy is what inspired me to enjoy photography more and more.  My family would walk around the cities just taking photos of the beautiful things we see.

Just me,


Saturday, October 2, 2010

I. Hate. Highschool. Football. Games. Period.

     The title of this post says it all.  I have the utmost hatred towards high school football games.  No one watches the game (I actually like football games) and it's a huge social circle thingy that no one wants me involved in.  I choose to avoid them as OFTEN as possible.  I mean, why do something you don't like, right? 
     AS if it was my duty, I went to the Homecoming football game just last week.  It feels like a year ago now that I think of it.  I hung out with a bunch of different people.  I can go sing songs with some people (what don't mix?) and go do penguin huddles with some people (who has their arms around me!?).  I actually liked it!  I hung out with my really cool friend, Renae, and her boyfriend, Jack.  We all sat in the stands and talked, and watched the game (kinda?).  As usual the game consisted of more than every one's fair share of drama, but it was still really fun!
     Renae then invited me to Mound's homecoming against Orono!  I was siked, and she told me Jack was coming too!
     Leading up to it, though, I realized how nervous I was.  What if no one was talking to me, I don't have the life-line of calling my parents and having them come and pick me up!  What if it's really boring, or awkward?  What if no one talks to me and I'm the socially awkward kid again?
    Nope!  This game was so much fun!  I had a blast!  We saw "Culligan's", Renae's old friends, and many odd people (Asian baby creepin' session?).  We penguin huddled, cart-wheeled, danced, cheered, laughed, ran around in circles (was that just me?) and so much more!
     I know this sounds really bad and sappy and such, but for once I feel accepted at this school.  I never felt like this was going to work.  I'm weird, awkward, zany, and odd.  I really felt like for once that someone I respected, and admired could actually accept me.  They are both really popular and have loads of friends, and I just want them to know that I have had respect for them from the start, but now my respect for them has grown so much.  Thanks, guys! You made my night!


I will have a little post later tonight about the joys of rehearsal!


Just Me,

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sports Photography

First time of the fall season I have been able to take fall sports photos!  This my favorite season to take sports photography!  I love volleyball, tennis, soccer, football, and baseball!  Here are 10 photos of my first outing!  I apologize for not getting them up yesterday.  They take me about an hour to do!

Also, if time permits, tomorrow there will be a post on my excitements for Autumn!  I have some goals, and aspirations that I will be sharing! 

Until Later!

Just me,