Saturday, October 2, 2010

I. Hate. Highschool. Football. Games. Period.

     The title of this post says it all.  I have the utmost hatred towards high school football games.  No one watches the game (I actually like football games) and it's a huge social circle thingy that no one wants me involved in.  I choose to avoid them as OFTEN as possible.  I mean, why do something you don't like, right? 
     AS if it was my duty, I went to the Homecoming football game just last week.  It feels like a year ago now that I think of it.  I hung out with a bunch of different people.  I can go sing songs with some people (what don't mix?) and go do penguin huddles with some people (who has their arms around me!?).  I actually liked it!  I hung out with my really cool friend, Renae, and her boyfriend, Jack.  We all sat in the stands and talked, and watched the game (kinda?).  As usual the game consisted of more than every one's fair share of drama, but it was still really fun!
     Renae then invited me to Mound's homecoming against Orono!  I was siked, and she told me Jack was coming too!
     Leading up to it, though, I realized how nervous I was.  What if no one was talking to me, I don't have the life-line of calling my parents and having them come and pick me up!  What if it's really boring, or awkward?  What if no one talks to me and I'm the socially awkward kid again?
    Nope!  This game was so much fun!  I had a blast!  We saw "Culligan's", Renae's old friends, and many odd people (Asian baby creepin' session?).  We penguin huddled, cart-wheeled, danced, cheered, laughed, ran around in circles (was that just me?) and so much more!
     I know this sounds really bad and sappy and such, but for once I feel accepted at this school.  I never felt like this was going to work.  I'm weird, awkward, zany, and odd.  I really felt like for once that someone I respected, and admired could actually accept me.  They are both really popular and have loads of friends, and I just want them to know that I have had respect for them from the start, but now my respect for them has grown so much.  Thanks, guys! You made my night!


I will have a little post later tonight about the joys of rehearsal!


Just Me,

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