Friday, October 22, 2010

Costumes, and Ideas!

So today I am really excited!  I am going to Theatrical Costume Company to look at costumes :)  Costumes can be the most exciting part of a play and/or musical and this is my first time actually going to the company!  Although, when we took 40+ theatre kids and brought them to a thrift store and had them pick out costumes THAT was pretty fun and memorable too!  I can't wait to go today!  I am planning on trying on stuff for my part of Patrick Dennis in Mame!  I also am looking at stuff for Cinderella!  I plan on posting pictures of my wonderful day later today!  But here is my question.... I would really like to add one-two more segments on my blog.  I have seen ideas on other people's blog (i.e. Lucy Scherschligt...) and much more, but I really want to come up with something that I know people will really enjoy!  I really am loving blogging and I know that some of you like what I post, so please help me out with this one!  I know that if I get a segment idea from one of you, then I will definitely have at LEAST one person who likes it!!!

So start brainstorming, bloggies!  Also, please look at my last "WANTED:"post for a new website designer!

Just Me,

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  1. 1- I'm totally impressed you spelled my last name right.
    2- I LOVE doing blog layouts, (I changed mine a little too often a bit ago until I finally settled on the one I have) maybe this could be your way of forgiving me for the last little drawing mishap?? :)
    3- My Dolly costume is atrocious. I'm so frustrated. Good luck with finding a nice one! :)