Thursday, December 23, 2010

Photo Entry: On Cloud Nine!

So before I post my Billy Elliott Review, I am going to post my entry in a photo contest, from Pastor Girl's Ponderings.  I am very excited to share this photo with you, and she will very likely be featured in an upcoming issue of my Monday Featured Blog because I love her blog and her contests!

So here is my entry:

I chose this one because it means a lot to me.  It also tells a significant amount of information about who I am.  This was taken in Venice, Italy, by your truly.  On a very basic level it shows how much I love the place where it was shot in.  But it also means a lot to me because of the fact that when you look at it, you see the simple life of the Venetians.  It shows how they live everyday life being green.  Now don't get my wrong, I am not all gunge ho, LETS GO GREEN, SAVE THE PLANET!  I think it important to use less energy but you can really see the wonderful simplistic design in the way that they live their life.  Lastly, it reminds me of Christmas, because our trip to Italy was a Christmas present that we got two years ago. 

Sp please check out Carlotta's blog!  And check out all of the other entries too!

Just Me,


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quick Post

So as I'm getting ready to go to Billy Elliott I took a little break and I checked out a few blogs! So many blogs out there have photo contests! I really would just LOVE to do one sometime, but I am just not sure which ones are legit, cool, fun, and competitive photo "competitions". I would love it if you, bloggies, could formspring, email, or comment down below your favorite photo competitions! It would be an awesome thing to do to help me get my work out there! Thanks in advanced for the help!

Just Me,


Monday, December 20, 2010

Plans for the Future a.k.a. Tomorrow

So tomorrow I get to use one of my Birthday presents and go see Billy Elliott playing live at the Orpheum.  I am so excited you can't even put it into words!  I know everything about the musical, inside and out, pretty much nothing about the musical, but I am so phsyched to see it!  What I know it that there is a young boy who wants to be a ballet sancer, but his father wants him to work in the coal mines?  Does that sound right?  I think that that is all I know, but I am so happy!  I am going with my mom, and my friend Adam. 

Here are some photos of the show!

Tomorrow (most likely Wednesday) I will give you my review and reccomend a couple of songs for you, does that sound good? 
On a side note, please do me a favor, will you?  Take my blog button and tag it in a post, or put it on your side bar!  I am going to start something where weekly I am going to take another blogger's button on a Monday!  It will be a little something at the end of my post explaining why I love their blog!

I really love Defying Reality by Lucy Scherschligt!  It is a great blog by a local (at least to me) and she has inspired in in many ways.  She has a very well written blog with wonderful photos and catchy, intriguing choices in her weekly ways.  She is great at what she does, but to be honest, she really does not post enough!  I engourage you to comment on my blog or hers what you really think of her!  She is a great supporter of my blog (sometimes I think she is the only one who reads it,) and it really means a lot to me!  Thanks, Lucy!

Just Me,

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Tree Bokeh

As an aspiring photographer, I took my mother's camera and decided to do some Christmas Tree Bokeh.  Don't worry, I am not done, but here are my first few attempts.  They aren't that great, but I would love some feedback on them if you may.... Formspring, email, or comment down below!  I would love to hear some comments from anyone!  All of the photo's are 100% natural 100% me and 100% un-edited!  Also, I will be making a blog button and unleashing a new segment to Just Me, Jack in the next few days :)

okay.... so I know this one and the next aren't really bokeh, but I accidentally did this and I sort of like it :)

Attend the Tale of Sweeney Todd....

Ladies and Gentlemen.... May I have your attention per-LEASE!

The cast list for Blue Water Theatre's production of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is up on it's website right here!

I got the part of Tobias Ragg and I am so excited!  This cast is so good and talented.

Well I just wanted to update you!

Just Me,

Tobi (I mean....) Jack

Friday, December 17, 2010

7 Things

This is my 7 Things (no, it has nothing to do with Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus or any of her other creepy friends....)

I was tagged in Lucy Scherschligt's Blog so I would finally post something for one!  And I am telling the truth when I say there are some posts in my draft box but I don't thing that they are good enough to actually post yet.  And I am having so much trouble finding time to photograph, but tonight I am having a photo shoot, baby!  We'll see what comes out of this!  I really am quite excited being that it's just me and my brother :)

     So.... Here are my seven things!


1. I have a big obsession with the number 4.  It's kind of ridiculous.  Oh.... and I hate the number three.  Notice how the stars above ^^^^ are 4, and I do 4 dots when I write.  Its a weird thing....

2. I just love chocolate covered pretzels.  I love them so much.  They are the perfect combination of salty and chocolaty with a smooth crunch.... yummy!

3. I love my mom's Nikon D3000!  I love to shoot with my mom's camera!  It is so nice and perfect!

4. The two shoes that I am auditioning for!  I just auditioned for the part of Tobias Ragg in Sweeney Todd, and I am auditioning for the part of Charlie Brown in You're A Good Man Charlie Brown this January!  I will be sure to update you on how I do!

5. Christmas Tree Bokeh.  I just love Christmas Tree Bokeh, and I am so excited to take some here tonight! 

6. This may not be a thing you didn't know, but I am so excited to go to Ragstock with my friend Olivia tomorrow!  I have never been there and I am so psyched!

7. I am obsessed with Ho Ho Mint Mocha's from Caribou Coffee!  They are my little sip of heaven whenever I get to have them!

Well, this kind of turned out to be more of an obsessions thing, but whatever!  Hopefully I'll post a few more times this weekend!

Just Me,