Wednesday, June 29, 2011

a sneak peak of mari

Here are just a few photos of my photo shoot in the Mill City/NE Arts District with Mari yesterday.  A full-blown post and some more on my adventures in Minneapolis soon.

Isn't she gorgeous?  Look at that big smile and those eyes!

Just Me,

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

ellis family

So I promised you a full-blown post on the Ellis family and here it is!  How about a little information on all of the kids.

Anna is an 11 year old, soon to be 6th grader.  She is funny, crafty, and a state-ranked swimmer.  She spends most of the time in the pool but has a great sense of humor.  She is super mature for her age.

Thomas will be a 4th grader this fall, and is all boy.  He plays basketball, baseball, and every other sport out there.  He is wild and crazy!

Thomas insisted on doing this pose and it turned out to be really cute! 


Kate is the little princess of the family and is 6 years old.  She is sure to make you laugh with her funny jokes and her big smile.

They were great as my first time families, and I'm super excited to work with more families in the future!  Kids can be really hard to work with at times, but these guys proved to be pretty good workers!

I'm going out on a shoot/adventure today with Mari, Wayzata High School Junior!  Should be really fun! 

Just Me,

Monday, June 27, 2011

Should I?

Okay.  This is really killing me and I need you guys to tell me whether or not to do it.  It's the Three Six Five Photography Challenge.

"The 365 project is a photography project where you document a year of your life by taking a daily photo.  We want to help you build a picture of the little day to day things that make your life so special and unique. Everyone can take part and join in! All you need is a camera."

That was directly from a 365 website.  It is quite an old thing but has recently come back into style.  A lot of people have started it on January 1st but I think it would be cooler to start it on a random day.  It will teach me to have my camera with me more often, take advantage of my camera more, become a better photographer, and it is like a little journal for me. 

I would create a separate blog just for this, but would regularly post a collage of the recent days. 

What do you guys think?  Can I do it?  Should I do it?  I'm honestly not worried about being able to do it this summer, but what about this school year when I get sick, or when I have to do homework from 6 in the morning until 1 at night.  Yes?  No?

Just Me,

Ellis Family Sneak Peak!

I did a mini photoshoot a few weeks ago with my cousins near my cabin for their parents (it was a suprise.)  I have just gotten finished with editing a few and here they are.  I'll have a full blown post late today or tomorrow.

Just Me,

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'm Back!

Today I am back from a week long camp up in McGregor, Minnesota.  It was the most amazing experience ever and I can't wait to share it with you, but that will come later.

Today I have a few pictures to share with you of some cows that I took at a different farm a mile or so away from my cabin.  These cows are milking cows and I id somedifferent types of editing on these pictures.  I did a little expreimenting and I hope you can tell me how you like them!

Just Me,

Sunday, June 19, 2011

the truth....

I've been super busy.  I was stage manager for another show.I have been working with a blog designer on a my blog.
My editing software is glitchy.
I'm tired.
I have been packing.

I can give you thousands more excuses but it doesn't matter.  I have a post for you today and it is the photos unfolding of my little sneak peak last week. 

Near my cabin there is a Black Angus Cattle farm and I drove our golf cart there a few weekends ago, and then last weekends with my friend, Grace, and we took some beautiful pictures of these animals.  I really like the black and white edit on these powerful animals so here they are.

Just Me,

P.S. I may have some guest posters while I'm at camp!

Friday, June 10, 2011

A Sneak Peak!

School is finally out as of yesterday and that means that this blog will be having some changes!  I have a blog designer that is making anew header and some more stuff for me, and I also will be posting way more often with all of the time I will have this summer!  I am going up to my cabin, so I will have so many new posts ready for when I come back on Monday, but here is a sneak peak on my next post. 

A full-blown post on these photos coming up on Monday!

See you then!

Just Me,