Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sports Photography

First time of the fall season I have been able to take fall sports photos!  This my favorite season to take sports photography!  I love volleyball, tennis, soccer, football, and baseball!  Here are 10 photos of my first outing!  I apologize for not getting them up yesterday.  They take me about an hour to do!

Also, if time permits, tomorrow there will be a post on my excitements for Autumn!  I have some goals, and aspirations that I will be sharing! 

Until Later!

Just me,

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Had A Great Day!

Dear Bloggies,

My day was so good today!!!  The worst think about me (or so I think) is my attitude on what went wrong and what went right.  If there are 3 good things and 2 bad things, it was a bad day.  BUT TODAY WAS GREAT!!!!

My Good Things:
  1. I got a 30/35 on my English Project.  I put so much time into this project and expected my group to do bad, but somehow it came out good! I know that 30/35 isn't that good, but it was the best score in the whole grade.  And, I still have the chance to get 3 more points.... A BABY!!!
  2. The girl I have a crush on (I know, call me middle school but I don't care) flirted me throughout the class we have together today :)
  3. I have one worksheet that will take me 10 minutes for homework tonight.
  4. I get to see my brother's soccer game
  5. I get to see my sisters volleyball game.
  6. I got to post a blog.
  7. My friend Kasey asked me for advice with her part in our upcoming musical

Now don't get me wrong.  I do not have many days where I feel like this, so I will be having posts that will consist of me telling you my bad day stories, and if you have a bad day, write me about it!  There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, or a rainbow at the end of a storm.  My favorite thing in life is to help someone find that light, or rainbow!  If you want to write me, write to, or  The second one is sure to be answered faster, but the first is more anonymous.

I also plan on posting my photos from tonight's sporting events (woot woot!)  So you may want to check that out!

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Here are three photos that I would like to share with you.  Found them a few days ago of me acting.

This is me as Arpad Laszlo in She Loves Me.
February 2010
Tagged: Jack Angell (George Nowack)

She Loves Me
February 2010
Dancing with Annie Metzger (Illona Ritter)

Me as Christopher Belling
December 2009

Just Me,

Sunday, September 26, 2010

An Autumn Day

Today seems so much like autumn to me.  The air is cooler, football is on the tv, and homework is being done!  This is not true, though, being that this is only the 26th of September.  I looked out my window only to see that the trees were beggining to change, and there were small leaves draped on the ground.

"As I sit here looking out my window,
I can see the summer dissapear
oh, dear friend, all at once, autumn's here!"
*cue a boy who embodies every bit of child-like wonderment*
"Look!!  Autumn!"
(from script of "She Loves Me")

So, I decided to take out my camera and take a few pre-autumn photos.  My plan is to post them here, and then later on take pictures in the heart of autumn and compare the change's that Mother Earth has made.  Here are the photos I took today.  Some of the photos have been lightly touched up.  Most of them are all natural!

Color Me!!!

     My little brother is in fourth grade (great grade... wonder why?) and he still has to purchase the fun stuff for school like markers, crayons, scissors, colored pencils, and exciting stuff!  When he brought home his pack of 64 crayons he showed me the box and said, "Look at all of the crayons I have this year!"  Little did he know, I would have an idea for a new post coming right out of his box of crayons!
     On the back of his crayons, there was a little box that read "Transforming photos to coloring pages".  I read it, looked at the example and thought it was really cool! 

    So today I decided to give it a shot!  It isn't a very complicated thing.  They take the dark spot, and lines and make them black, and then they make every other part of the picture white to color it in.  This doesn't work for pictures like my dog who has dark brown and black curls.  As a matter of fact, most of the pictures with out a little bit of editing kind of looked bad.  But when I went in and darkened the lines, it made for better pictures.  I have posted the before and after pictures here!

A "Winter Photo shoot" of my neighbor's backyard
December 2008

Me in front of "Trevi's Fountain" in Rome, Italy
June 2009

Hope you like it!
Go to to check it out!!

Just me,

Saturday, September 25, 2010

[insert creative title here]

[insert creative opening here]

Hi, my name's Jack.  Just Jack.  Here's a 12 facts about me:

1) My name is Jack Coborn Ellis (no, not Jackson)
2) I am an 8th Grader at Orono Middle School
3) I am a self-described "Theatre Geek" and I don't care
4) I'll be blunt, open and honest to you.
5) I can be nice
6) I really like parenthesis (to add little side notes)
7) I really enjoy comma's
8) I like things in groups of four, multiples of four, or really anything that has to do with four (notice how I have chosen to name 12 things because it is a multiple of four)
9) I will periodically have maddening posts, or one's with very large amounts of explosive anger rumbling as if it is coming out of a volcano at 4,000 miles an hour and it has been waiting to do so for approximately no more and no less that 8,000 centuries.
10) I get a little too descriptive at times
11) Sometimes I won't say enough (tell me so, bud! Please explain to me that you want to here more of something, or that you want to see more of something appear on my blog.
12) I really enjoy feedback.  Please tell me how I am doing.  About anything.  My blog, grammar, school, life, friendship, drama, ANYTHING!  Do it in a nice way and don't kill my feelings as if you are slowly and painfully sucking the blood out of a young innocent human through their earlobes.

I hope that this little bit about you have explained to me a little bit about me and will excite you (or put you to sleep) about what will be coming up on "Just Me, Jack"

Also, this is my second blog.  The first blog that I wrote had a little different aura about it and it stressed me out about how I was going to post things.  But if you are willing to look at it, or comment on it, visit:

Please read from the first post to the last, so then you can experience the drama (or stupidity) of my last post.

Well nonetheless here is my first post of a brand new blog.


Just Me, Jack