Sunday, September 26, 2010

An Autumn Day

Today seems so much like autumn to me.  The air is cooler, football is on the tv, and homework is being done!  This is not true, though, being that this is only the 26th of September.  I looked out my window only to see that the trees were beggining to change, and there were small leaves draped on the ground.

"As I sit here looking out my window,
I can see the summer dissapear
oh, dear friend, all at once, autumn's here!"
*cue a boy who embodies every bit of child-like wonderment*
"Look!!  Autumn!"
(from script of "She Loves Me")

So, I decided to take out my camera and take a few pre-autumn photos.  My plan is to post them here, and then later on take pictures in the heart of autumn and compare the change's that Mother Earth has made.  Here are the photos I took today.  Some of the photos have been lightly touched up.  Most of them are all natural!


  1. i love the focus on teh photos in the grass!!! that's insane :)

  2. @Lucy Scherschligt Thank you so much! I loved how the leaves had fallen so neatly and almost like a pattern! It took me forever to get goo ones! My camera did NOT like the idea of me not having the whole picture focused in! Sometimes I just hate Manual/Auto focusing! hahah