Sunday, May 22, 2011

Photography Bucket List

First of all, I would like to show all of you a giveaway happening at Aspire a new blog that I am following!  She is giving away a FREE BLOG MAKEOVER!  valued at $100!  Oh, how I could use this!

I made a little bucket list for things I want to do this summer with my photography.  Here they are.  I promise that I will create a post for every thing on here as I get to it.  I hope to get each one finished by the time I go back to school in the fall.  We'll see how it goes.

  • Get my own DSLR camera
  • Photograph an entire day
  • Photograph some citrus fruits
  • Photograph my new vintage cameras
  • Photograph new book props
  • Find cool props at my grandma's house
  • Take at least one photo a day for a whole month
  • Go to a farmers market and take pictures
  • Photograph a family
  • Photograph elementary aged kids
  • Take pictures on a beach
  • Take pictures in a sketchy alley
  • Experiment with light graffiti

What kind of things are on your bucket list?

Just Me,

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Just Some Sentences.

Okay, I know. I've been a little MIA for a while. I've had many ideas turning in my head about what I should post, but just haven't had time or gotten around to it.

We have 13 days left of school and these will probably be some of the longest days of my life.  I am so glad for school to be over, as I am sure most of you are too, but I don't seem to have the same positive outlook on summer as most everyone seems to have.  So many people are saying that this will be the best summer ever, or "Summer 2011, No Regrets!".  But, really?  How can you have no regrets?  I have never understood that saying and I don't find it to be a good way to live.  No regrets means that you are 100% perfect about what has happened and I don't think that I am that way.  This summer, to me, isn't really looking that positive.  I am nervous about my theatre career/life.  I am nervous about my tennis.  I am nervous how I'll be able to "keep up" with my social life.

So many of my friends live farther away and go to different schools and I can never seem to get together with them and hang out.  Sometimes I feel like I always try to make plans but they never can find time to work the plans out.  When they say they miss me, I always want to say, "Well than prove it and take a step to get together with me," but that isn't going to help.  I really wish my relationships with my friends could go back to where it all began. 

On another note, I think that I am within arms reach of my first DSLR Camera!  As of now, I am so close to getting a used Nikon D3000!  I have been wanting one for so long and the opportunity has risen and I really want to grab it.  I have to scrounge to find a couple more bucks and I am ready. 

I also have a few new props that I will share with you on another post.

What are your thoughts about this summer?

Just Me,

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

No, I don't plan on giving you some corny post about how much my mother means to me, but I just thought it would be an appropriate heading.

And moving on....

I have been having a pretty dull and relaxing weekend again, but that's okay.  Sometimes it's nice to just have a little break.  I've been researching cameras lately, and let me tell you.... I am so excited to be getting one!  I am still debating what is all necessary when purchasing a camera, but I love it. 

I've been working more and more now that baseball season is in full swing and am loving it!

Now on to the photos:

I'm only going to explain the first one, but to note, they are all taken by ME or via my company Ellis & Lynch Photography. 

This one was taken in Venice, Italy, and it really can only be explained in one word.  Hope.  Take i or leave it, but I'd like you to leave a comment on why you thought I choose hope." target="_blank">"/>>" target="_blank">" border="0" alt="Life…as I see it">" target="self">Sunday Snapshot" />" target="_blank">"/>>"> border="0" src="" width="196" />

Have a great week!

Just Me,

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I am so happy today, everyone!  Today has just been a wonderful day!  Can I tell you about it?  Okay!  I will!

So I had a normal day at school, then I had a wonderful doctors appointment.  I came home for and little R&R and then went to work with my friend, Grace.  I came home again to start on my homework when I had notifications on so many posts!  I have so many comments from you guys!  It means so much to me that you guys are commenting and leaving feedback for me to get better! 

I have been so happy that I am making a promise to you!  If I can get 50, yes.... that's 50 followers by June 9th (my last day of school) I will have a big surprise for you! 

Now I know for some of you bloggies, that getting 50 more followers is no big deal, but for a small blog like Just Me, Jack, it's a big deal.  So, follow my blog so you have a chance to celebrate in the winning!

A quick edit that I believe shows the most strength.  She has a large personality full of strength and determination that I believe shows here.  Her beauty shows throughout it all and I believe that this is a picture that shows off perfectly for strength.  Inner and outer." target="_blank">The Trendy Treehouse" />

Monday, May 2, 2011

Short and Simple.

Today has gone by rather quickly, but as it comes to a close, I realize myself wanting only to blog.  I should be getting ahead on homework or reading more in a book, but I have had this blogging-itch that I can't seem to scratch, yet once again I have no inspiration.  I don't know what to blog about.  I always get the best ideas for posts in the middle of a lecture from one of my teachers, or in the car.  I think that I need to settle down.  Stop for a chance and write out my ideas.  Stop and smell the roses as some may say. 

I worked on some photographs today and here they are. 

This photograph was taken in Italy, but exact location is unknown.  I love the bright colors of the flower.

This one is definitely my favorite one of the day.  I love her expression.  I know her so well that I can sense just an ounce of fake in anything that she does and this right here, ladies and gentlemen, is true joy, laughter, and fun.  I picked this photo and quote for "FUN" week over at Quotography and the quote is what I strive for my life to be like each and every day." target="_blank">Quotography at {My}Perspective" />


This isn't the average example of "Vintage" that someone would pick out. Vintage is not something that I would say that I'm an expert at, but editing in a vintage manner I can do for the most part. I really love this photo and I decided to add a simple, creamy vintage edit to it.
I apologize to all readers.  Some blog buttons would not work.  A link is provided.

Just Me,

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Inspiration is a very hard thing for some, and an easy part of life for others.  I find myself trying to look too hard into things to find inspiration that means a lot to me.  I have realized recently that one thing that I need to do better is look at the simple things, the things that are right in front of me.  To see the beauty and the detail in things so simple.  Yet so perfect. 

I was looking around on other blogs and commenting on their work when I saw the most wonderful photo that I really cannot even describe.  I've looked through the history on my computer and can't seem to fin where it was, but I love it.  It was two antique wash-pan type things.  My neighbor buys them very cheap and uses them for her floral decorations and I thought it was the best idea to take pictures of them. 

They are old.  They are unique.  They are special.  But most importatnly, the are simple.  I find it quite easy to find the beauty in each and every one.  It is most likely because it reminds me of older, simpler times.  I plan on photographing them assoon as I can.

Lastly, while I was looking around, I ran into a photo challenge here at Artistically Amy.  I love that she does color splash photography contests and leaves them open to anything and everything.  It definetly gives a photographer more creative liscensing.

Here's my shot.  I took this in the Summer of 2009 in Murano, Italy.  I edited the photo using Lightroom 3.2.

Please check out her blog!

My guess is, that you have noticed what I have been doing lately.  I have been looking around for some photo challenges and entering some that I think are really fun!  If you have any suggestions, comment or shoot me an email!

Just Me,