Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

No, I don't plan on giving you some corny post about how much my mother means to me, but I just thought it would be an appropriate heading.

And moving on....

I have been having a pretty dull and relaxing weekend again, but that's okay.  Sometimes it's nice to just have a little break.  I've been researching cameras lately, and let me tell you.... I am so excited to be getting one!  I am still debating what is all necessary when purchasing a camera, but I love it. 

I've been working more and more now that baseball season is in full swing and am loving it!

Now on to the photos:

I'm only going to explain the first one, but to note, they are all taken by ME or via my company Ellis & Lynch Photography. 

This one was taken in Venice, Italy, and it really can only be explained in one word.  Hope.  Take i or leave it, but I'd like you to leave a comment on why you thought I choose hope." target="_blank">"/>>" target="_blank">" border="0" alt="Life…as I see it">" target="self">Sunday Snapshot" />" target="_blank">"/>>"> border="0" src="" width="196" />

Have a great week!

Just Me,


  1. I love your first picture- such vivid colors! You went to Venice? I'm officially jealous.

  2. Love your Venice shot!

    Does the "hope" have to do with the gentleman walking away. Maybe he has lost hope after arriving to an empty restaurant? I could create a complete romantic story from that one photo :)

  3. Jill - Almost there! It does have to do with the man wlking away but he hasn't lost hope, he has renewed his hope. I think I'm writing a small story on it for my next post :)

  4. Love your last picture! That is stunning!