Saturday, November 13, 2010

Well Hello There!

Wow.... So I took Lucy Scherschligt's lead and didn't use my blog for a while because of the fact that I was too overwhelmed with school, end of terms, and high school musicals!  It has been a really long couple weeks.  But here is the the run-down of my life recently...

1) Mame opened last night and it was a major success! 
2) Cinderella opens in 3 weeks
3) A Honor Roll quarter 1
4) It's snowing
5) I want to take pictures

Well....I'm going to Caribou with my friend Lia and Mary and I'll take some pics maybe?  And post Mame pics!

Come see it!

November 19 & 20 7:30 and November 21

Tomorrow: "What's Coming up on Just Me, Jack"