Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Had A Great Day!

Dear Bloggies,

My day was so good today!!!  The worst think about me (or so I think) is my attitude on what went wrong and what went right.  If there are 3 good things and 2 bad things, it was a bad day.  BUT TODAY WAS GREAT!!!!

My Good Things:
  1. I got a 30/35 on my English Project.  I put so much time into this project and expected my group to do bad, but somehow it came out good! I know that 30/35 isn't that good, but it was the best score in the whole grade.  And, I still have the chance to get 3 more points.... A BABY!!!
  2. The girl I have a crush on (I know, call me middle school but I don't care) flirted me throughout the class we have together today :)
  3. I have one worksheet that will take me 10 minutes for homework tonight.
  4. I get to see my brother's soccer game
  5. I get to see my sisters volleyball game.
  6. I got to post a blog.
  7. My friend Kasey asked me for advice with her part in our upcoming musical

Now don't get me wrong.  I do not have many days where I feel like this, so I will be having posts that will consist of me telling you my bad day stories, and if you have a bad day, write me about it!  There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, or a rainbow at the end of a storm.  My favorite thing in life is to help someone find that light, or rainbow!  If you want to write me, write to jackcobornellis@yahoo.com, or jactor101@gmail.com.  The second one is sure to be answered faster, but the first is more anonymous.

I also plan on posting my photos from tonight's sporting events (woot woot!)  So you may want to check that out!

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Here are three photos that I would like to share with you.  Found them a few days ago of me acting.

This is me as Arpad Laszlo in She Loves Me.
February 2010
Tagged: Jack Angell (George Nowack)

She Loves Me
February 2010
Dancing with Annie Metzger (Illona Ritter)

Me as Christopher Belling
December 2009

Just Me,

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