Thursday, December 23, 2010

Photo Entry: On Cloud Nine!

So before I post my Billy Elliott Review, I am going to post my entry in a photo contest, from Pastor Girl's Ponderings.  I am very excited to share this photo with you, and she will very likely be featured in an upcoming issue of my Monday Featured Blog because I love her blog and her contests!

So here is my entry:

I chose this one because it means a lot to me.  It also tells a significant amount of information about who I am.  This was taken in Venice, Italy, by your truly.  On a very basic level it shows how much I love the place where it was shot in.  But it also means a lot to me because of the fact that when you look at it, you see the simple life of the Venetians.  It shows how they live everyday life being green.  Now don't get my wrong, I am not all gunge ho, LETS GO GREEN, SAVE THE PLANET!  I think it important to use less energy but you can really see the wonderful simplistic design in the way that they live their life.  Lastly, it reminds me of Christmas, because our trip to Italy was a Christmas present that we got two years ago. 

Sp please check out Carlotta's blog!  And check out all of the other entries too!

Just Me,



  1. Love, love, love this! I adore the vivid colors and the laundry on the line adds that extra touch :)

  2. THanks so much, Carlotta! When do the winners get announced?

  3. the laundry line add a cool touch of simplistic angles :) and the colors are so amazing! did you edit it? or is that how things always are in europe? oh i want to go there so bad!

  4. I boosted the colors a little bit to add an extra flare to it :)

  5. Jack, this is lovely! It looks like a painting or something!!

  6. Thanks, Lucy! There is this really cool trick I learned from another photography website that if/when I get Lightroom I will be using that gives this REALLY cool texture to the paint ing. It actually looks like it was painted on a canvas!

  7. Jack,
    Are you into photography? I had no idea! It looks like u have a really nice camera!!! What brand/style is it?
    P.S. GREAT picture!

  8. Becky,

    Thank you so much! This was taken on my mom's camera (I believe it is a Nikon D40x).