Friday, January 28, 2011

2 New Segments and a request

Hey Bloggies! 

I feel so bad!  I haven't posted in FOREVER!  But I have 2, yes 2 exciting new things to share with you!  Isn't this great *cue groans from audience*

     So first of all, I am starting two new "segments" on my blog!  One of them is going to happen twice a week, and the other one will happen once a week!  In an ideal world, Segment 1 will happen on Monday and Thursdays and Segment 2 will happen on one of the weekend days, but I don't really know how that is going to work out!  Down below I am going to share with you the details of my new segments and I would really appreciate some feedback on what you thing of this! 
     Segment number one, the one that popped right up into my head, will be twice a week, and the post will contain 2 weird words and/or phobias.  Now the weird words will be picked from a few different sources that I have, but the phobias will be taken from either MMP (Mari's Morning Phobias) which is done via twitter by my friend Mari, or from a few sites I have found via Google.
     Segment two I copied almost exactly what Lucy did I got from Lucy.  It is a Weekly Obsessions post where I am going to post 6 or 8 weekly obsessions, or little things in my life at the moment that I cannot get ENOUGH of! 
     I really hope that I can do this!  I really would like to get back in the habit of blogging more, and I really think that these two segments will help keep me motivated.  I have another request for my readers.  Actually, a couple.  They are as follows:

1) please please please please "follow" my blog!  You can do it via an email, blogger, facebook or twitter!  When I only have a few followers, it is very sad blogging because I am worried that no one is even reading these! 
2) COMMENT!  Even a comment saying "that sounds kind of stupid how you got joy out of that" or, "nice pictures, Jack" mean so much to me.
3) Tell your friends about my blog!  I would really like to get more followers.  And the one way that I can do this is by word of mouth!  That means you guys.
4) Lastly, tell me face-to-face, text, facebook chat, skype, phone call, ANYWAY that you are reading and/or enjoying my blog! 

Look for a Weekly Obsessions post tomorrow or Sunday!

Just Me,


  1. JAAAACKK I'VE MISSEDD YOUUUU!!!!! I've been thinking about you a LOT this week and kept having these urges to text you or call you and have a five hour long chat, but I was too stressed by finals!

    So now that it's new semester, LET'S RECONNECT!!!!!!!!!

  2. I follow your blog. Got here from Carlotta's. :) So, just to let you know... "I'm here!" Following you! :)

  3. Lucy - Miss you too, girl! chat me up!

    Emily - Thank you so much for following! It means so much!

  4. i enjoy how you were planning to use my MMPs :) im glad they were good for something!!!!!! and im glad you enjoy them, i will continues to post those via twitter!!!!!!