Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekly Obsessions

Here is my first annual Week-end Weekly Obsessions!  I'm really excited to kick this off!  Now I am having sort of a dilemma.  I really would like to include only my photos, but that is a really hard thing to do with 8ish photos a week (that sounds really wimpy, but it is a lot of work!)  Some of the photos on here will be mine, but I really don't want to put up any of my mediocre photos!  I'll give it a shot, and make sure to source everything for y'all!  Here are some of the biggest things that I am obsessed with! 

1. Cheez-its.  I haven't had the little cheesy wonderful squares in so long, like, 4th grade!  I opened a pack before rehearsal and fell in love again!  They are so practical for my after school rehearsals followed immediately by another one!

2. My orange Camelbak water-bottle.  I call it my bite-and-suck because of the motion you do with your mouth to get the water out.  Whenever I fill my bottle up with any type of liquid I drink SO MUCH MORE!  It is the PERFECT motivation for me to drink more water.

3. Sims 3.  I have an addiction.  It is Sims 3.  It is actually really sad how much I play it, but I love to have my friends over and make little families.

4. Knit hats.  My mom has started knitting, or crocheting, or whatever the heck she does with those two needles and has made a few hats and scarves!  I am so excited for her to make me more hats!  She made me a really cool brown one and I LOVE IT!  Thanks, Mom!

5. My (m)UGGS.  I have man-UGG slippers and they are so soft and comfortable.  I now understand why girls spend hundreds of dollars on these shoes. 

6. New 5 Watermelon Gum.  Oh. My. Gosh.  It is so good.  I love the taste, and the smell is so good!  The only downfall to this deliciously flavored fum, is the fact that it only lasts about 10-15 minutes. 

Well this was quite a horrible start to a Weekly Obsessions, but I have a question for you, readers!  Actually two.... Do you want me to source my photos if I don't take them myself?  Also, can someone pretty please teach me how to set a time for my blog posts to air?  Like, if I write 3 in a day, but want them to automatically go online one per day?

Well, I hope you guys can answer my questions!  Until tomorrow!

Just Me,

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  1. Jake always talked about his dUGGS, his dude-Uggs. I've gotta say, though, I don't own a pair.

    OH MY GOSH SIMS 3. How is it that you can be playing it for 5 minutes and actualyy it's been 6 hours?