Monday, December 20, 2010

Plans for the Future a.k.a. Tomorrow

So tomorrow I get to use one of my Birthday presents and go see Billy Elliott playing live at the Orpheum.  I am so excited you can't even put it into words!  I know everything about the musical, inside and out, pretty much nothing about the musical, but I am so phsyched to see it!  What I know it that there is a young boy who wants to be a ballet sancer, but his father wants him to work in the coal mines?  Does that sound right?  I think that that is all I know, but I am so happy!  I am going with my mom, and my friend Adam. 

Here are some photos of the show!

Tomorrow (most likely Wednesday) I will give you my review and reccomend a couple of songs for you, does that sound good? 
On a side note, please do me a favor, will you?  Take my blog button and tag it in a post, or put it on your side bar!  I am going to start something where weekly I am going to take another blogger's button on a Monday!  It will be a little something at the end of my post explaining why I love their blog!

I really love Defying Reality by Lucy Scherschligt!  It is a great blog by a local (at least to me) and she has inspired in in many ways.  She has a very well written blog with wonderful photos and catchy, intriguing choices in her weekly ways.  She is great at what she does, but to be honest, she really does not post enough!  I engourage you to comment on my blog or hers what you really think of her!  She is a great supporter of my blog (sometimes I think she is the only one who reads it,) and it really means a lot to me!  Thanks, Lucy!

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