Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 Years

     When you think about it, 5 years isn't a very long time.  Neither is 10 years, but a lot can happen in that amount of time.  Graduate high school, go to college, get first job, get married, have a child... All in the little time of 10 years.

     In five years, I will be nineteen years old.  Here are my goals for these years:
  • Graduate High School
  • Have a high GPA
  • Get straight A's
  • Go to a good college (NYU)
  • Triple major (I know, wishful thinking) in theatre, journalism, and business.
     In ten years, I will be twenty-three years old.  Here are my goals for these years:
  • Graduate from College
  • Be an actor for a short time
  • Be in a steady relationship, or engaged
  • Proceeding acting, open a business, be on the managing end of a business, or go into journalism

     I have very high expectations for myself, but these are the things that shape up one's life.  I would love to travel Europe when I have completed college, and do other things in my life, but these are the foundations of life that are important to me.

Other "Goal" posts will be coming.

I'll have 1-2 more posts today!

Just Me,


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