Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weekly Obsessions

So... I'm gonna totaly cheat someone out here and steal Lucy Scherschligt's Blog and do a little something that is called Weekly Obsessions!  Now, I would love to have this come on Sunday's (mos tlikely day) but it really depends and will make a difference depending on what kind of mood I am, and how busy I am!!  I will do 4-8 things that are either appearing a lot in my life, or I just LOOVE!  Okay... so let's see how this goes!


Creeping on Formspring

Yeah... I'm one of those people that creep on Formspring.... I follow only a few people, but if you are seeing my blog, you can almost guarantee that I have looked at your formspring.  I actually have met some new friends that, without formspring, I probably wouldn't have talked to!  But Formspring does have a lot of bullying, which can be a huge negative.


I love Social Studies, and part of that reason is debating!  I love arguing, big vocabulary, proving someone wrong, thinking on the spot, improv, strong opening statements, fierce closing remarks, and snappy rebuttals! n I love it all!  We recently had a debate in my Geography class on the Burqa Ban in Europe!  I got so into it, and it was so exciting!  I hope we can do more in the future.  Oh, and by the way... MY TEAM WON!!!



I love Skype so much!  It's the modern-day instant messaging, but it also feels so much more personable when you video chat!  I love being just a few clicks away from distant friends, family members, and relatives.  I use skype to keep in touch with friends from different schools, and it helps so much with school projects, reports, and homework!  If you weren't aware of this, if you "right-click" on the screen, you can Share Your Screen, and it helps for projects, and reports!


Silly bandz

I love these little guys!  They are so cool!  I bought a few packs of the cheapy generic kind, and trade ands stuff with my friends!  I think they are a great think for kids to do.  You can express your individuality by wearing different ones!  I do think, however that there is a limit on how many silly bandz one should wear.  The kind in the picture above has way too many, in my opinion.  I don't like it when there are more than 10.  Especially those kids who make them into necklaces with strings.  It's like "get a life, kid".


I started out not really liking the music or the script or really, anything, in Mame.  I really have come to enjoy this Broadway classic.  I love the characters, the music, and the aura of the show!  The sweetness of Patrick, the free-wheeling energy of Mame, the deepness of Vera, and the accents of Ito!  I look forward to rehearsal everyday to see that comes next in the life of Mame Dennis.

So that was kind of fun!  I think I like these Weekly Obsessions, and hopefully will continue to do them!  Well I would love some feedback and/or some formspring! Have a good MEA!!

Just Me,


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