Wednesday, October 13, 2010



     Today was not the best day.  At all.  I knew at the beginning of the day it was going to be bad, yet, for some reason I kept convincing myself it wouldn't be. 
     I was accepted to be a member of the American Choral Director Association's State Honor Choir.  So, I was really excited!  It is an honor to be apart of.  Then my choir teacher told me that it was on the same day as one of the performances of my show "Mame".  She assured me that she had already worked it out with my choir director, and that it would be alright. 
     I then went to "Mame" rehearsal and I talked to the Music Director and she said that we should look at the schedule for the ACDA Choir.  WE then realized that it would barely be possible, and quite a risk, to be there for the performance of the Choir and of "Mame". 
     I now can't do the Choir because of "Mame" and I'm really quite disappointed.  I really wish I could, but apparently it's not meant to be, so I'll have to just live with it.

     Okay... so here's another really sad story.  Today we got back our really big test in English.  I am new to Enriched English, so the test was really hard, and we covered the material in very little time.  And it was grammar.  I'm not the best at grammar, but I had gone in early to get help on multiple occasions and my teacher had told me that she really thought I would do well and that I was going to be fine!
     So I go up to get the test today (right behind a guy named Jackson) and see my test, so I initially look at the score and see 48/50!  I was SIKED!  I didn't expect to do THAT well.  Little did I know, it was Jackson's paper.  I gave it to him and said "good job", and then went to look at my test.  I saw it sitting there with a 39/50 score.  I was pissed.  It pretty much made me wanna puke the whole day.  It was my first C (or lower) all year, and I was just devastated.

Okay... So enough negativity.  I'll post again today or tomorrow!

Just Me,

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  1. jack! i just want to let you know i love you...and grades dont define you at all, but i know how bad it can feel to not do well on a test. Congrats on getting in ACDA..but like you said for some reason it is meant to be. I love you soo much and you are an AMAZING GUY!!! stay positive and stay smilin we need to hang out soon!!
    aka your favorite friend in the world :)