Sunday, October 3, 2010

Just a Lazy Sunday...

Most people have "Lazy Sunday's" but with rehearsal from 9-4 I can't really bear to call them "lazy".  But today I'm doing absolutely nothing.... eating doughnuts looking at photography, going to color a few maps.... Who knows?  Hopefully someone will just call me up and want to hang but I just don't know!
     I just got bored this morning, and thought of a few ideas on how I can edit some of my photography that I found from our trip to Italy in Summer 2009!  Here are a few pictures!

Here is a photo of my little brother at breakfast right outside of the Villa we stayed in.  It had a patio with a roof and an oven outside.  I prepared breakfast and we all enjoyed it in the comfort of our own little Villa in the hills of Tuscany, Italia.

I took this photo of a few wine glasses on our dining room table of our Villa looking out into the mountain-side.  I thought it was a very picturesque view, the cliche "Evening in Italia". 
*This photo was not edited, other than the text.

This photo was right down the road from my Great Aunt and Uncle's apartment in Venice Italia.  I took this photo around 10 AM in the morning, and the water was perfectly clear.  I edited the coloring and changed the vibrancy of the photo.

AS with many of the photos that turned out well, this photo was not edited, and was taken while just walking around the great city of Venice.  Completely natural. 

Italy is what inspired me to enjoy photography more and more.  My family would walk around the cities just taking photos of the beautiful things we see.

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