Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekly Obsessions

So I'm back with another Weekly Obsessions!  This one has taken a long time to put together because of my wonderful procrastination techniques.  Enjoy!

1) Culvers - I love Culvers so much!  Whenever I go there I get a butter-burger plain with cheese and a small chocolate concrete mixer with Andes Mints.  It is delish and it is captured above with my camera phone!

(photo courtesy of
2) My Green Phone Cover - I got a new phone case/cover from a little kiosk in the mall near my house and I love it so much.  It keeps my phone from getting dents and scratches and breaking when I drop it, and it hides the black color of it.  It looks almost exactly the same as the one above (I have the same phone) except my cover is a little darker.

3) Black and White Photography - I believe that Black and White Photography is one of the greatest inventions ever.  It adds that little something you need in a photo, whether it is sophistication, innocence, humor, or happiness.  It is a perfect editing option with people as your subjects too.

4) Lists - I make lists for everything!  Absolutely everything!  It is the funniest habit in the world.  Whether it's cast lists, homework lists, to-do lists, or any other type of list my whole desk and planner is filled with them!

5) My Avenue Q Book - When my mom, sister, and I went to New York for Spring Break we went and saw the musical Avenue Q and I loved it so much.  We were at a little Broadway store and I saw this book and started flipping through it.  It is complete with the entire script, director's notes, and even the process the playwrights took when trying to make the show.  I love it and it is a big inspiration.

(photo courtesy of
6) Urban Outfitters Sweatshirts - Also when we went to New York, we went into the Urban Outfitters store and I fell in love with their zip-up hoodies.  They are really versatile and comfortable and can be worn super casual or semi-fancy.

So I hope you liked this Weekly Obsessions post and I will promise you a little update on my photography soon okay? Okay!

Just Me,

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  1. OH MY I love Culvers too it's actually a serious obsession :) Heh.
    I get what you mean with the B&W photography! I love it too!