Friday, April 1, 2011

New York, New York!

     So New York was nothing last of a blast.  I love the city and can’t wait to go back again.  I am really convinced that I am going to live there someday.  I have really been trying to live by the saying “you only have one life to live so why not live it” lately.  I don’t know, though.  I really want to rent an apartment with not enough room, but right in the city with some friends.  I want to have 4-5 people in a 2-3 person apartment and just go with the flow.  I have a plan that is kind of crazy with my life.  I’m going to New York University and I am double-majoring in Business Management and Theatre Arts.  I am also going to have a focus in journalism.  And maybe something to do with being a lawyer but WHATEVER!  My senior year I am going to live off campus in my little dream flat that I told you about above and then I’m going to be auditioning for shows and working at a little coffee shop or deli for the rent.  I really want to do this for about ten years and then maybe land something more permanent.  
     One thing I know, though, is that I can never give up theater.  It is not only a dream, but it is truly a lifestyle choice.  I have a great quote for all you theatre people.  “This is the life we choose to live, the life of a theatre kid”.  It is so truthful.  There is just nothing to it.  We just choose it because it is us.   It isn’t part of us, it just becomes us and encircle our body and mind.  It wraps you up emotionally and physically and spiritually and mentally.  You can never let go, but that part of the story is meant for my new post. 
     Back to New York.  I didn’t take many pictures because I thought to myself “just enjoy it while you’re here!.”  And that is EXACTLY what I did!  I went shopping a lot and got some cool stuff.  We ate at one of my favorite restaurants in the world, Roxy’s Deli.  It is so tasty.  I love it there.  Especially there scrumdideleyumptios cheesecake.  Dang.  And also we went to this really cool restaurant, Serendipity 3.  It was so nice and little.  It had nice food too.  We stayed at some nice hotels and stuff along the way too.  I really love new York, and my favorite part of it is the theatre.  We only could see one show, and it was my choice so I chose to see Avenue Q.  It was amazing.  Even though it was off-broadway it was still worth it.  We got an amazing deal at some front row tickets so it was a no-brainer for me.  And I had a blast.  I got a t-shirt (I’m wearing it now ) and a book about the musical that is so cool. 

Just Me,


  1. Jack, this is my favoritest post ever :) You said it all!

    Anna and I sometimes go to Ikea to pick out the furniture we'll have in our classy New York apartment :)

    I'm glad to hear you had so much fun!!!!!!! :) I can't wait 'til you're out there on the stage. I'll come to all your shows, cheering you on :)

    OMG BRIDGET AND I HAVE A PLAN TO LIVE IN AN APARTMENT IN NEW YORK ON BROADWAY TOO!!!!!! what if we all lived together? how sick would that be??? also, this post is unbelievable jack, it TOTALLY describes our lives :)